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photo-(7)-600pxlWe are a full service gun shop serving all of your firearm needs. We specialize in new/used firearms, law enforcement sales, excellent quality imports, gunsmithing to perfection, and much, much more. Located in Sparks, Maryland just north of Baltimore. Come see us today!

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New / Used Firearm Sales
An impressive selection of hard to find and one of a kind items. Find what you’ve been looking for at a price that will pleasantly surprise you.

Government/ Law Enforcement Sales
Volume pricing for special needs firearms/ equipment and ammunition.

High Quality Imports
Unique and collectible firearms and accessories. Let us do the digging so you can have the treasure.

Gunsmithing / Custom Rifle Building
You deserve the very best. Let Duffys Gun Room build that long distance or competition rifle to suit you precisely. Also specializing in Mauser action and AR style rifles.

Blank Ammunition
We have one of the largest selections of blank ammunition available. Click here for our current stock and more information.

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Q&A Wednesday: May I lawfully ship a firearm directly to an out-of-State licensee…

May I lawfully ship a firearm directly to an out-of-State licensee (FFL holder), or must I have a licensee in my State ship it to him? May the licensee return the firearm to me, even if the shipment is across State lines?

Any person may ship firearms directly to a licensee in any State, with no requirement for another licensee to ship the firearm. However, handguns are not mailable through the United States Postal Service and must be shipped via common or contract carrier.(18 U.S.C. §§ 1715). Firearms shipped to FFLs for repair or any other lawful purpose may be returned to the person from whom received without transferring the firearm through an FFL in the recipient’s State of residence. FFLs may also return a replacement firearm of the same kind and type to the person from whom received. 18 U.S.C. § 922(a)(2)(A).

  1. Q&A Wednesday: May I lawfully transfer a firearm to a friend who resides in a different State? Leave a reply