NFA Process for an Individual

After you have purchased your NFA item, if you’re submitting as an individual (as opposed to using a trust), Duffy’s will draw up your paperwork and prepare a package for you, this is usually done within a week of purchase. Your package will contain the following:

Before your paperwork can be sent to the ATF, you will need CLEO (Cheif Law Enforcement Officer) signoff. Certain counties Sheriff’s will signoff, but residents of most counties will use the State Police. Baltimore County uses State Police, but residents of other counties should contact their CLEO for requirements.

1. Finger printing. Fingerprinting for the Maryland State Police is done electronically (Livescan). Please fill out form c, the Livescan Pre-registration. Take it to CJIS, MVA or a private finger print provider. You will be given a reciept. Form b is for the ATF and should be filled out with your information and fingerprints. If Livescan is not required by your CLEO, just get two copies form b completed. Find locations for Livescan services here.

2. Chief Law Enforcement Officer (CLEO).
For non-State Police: take both copies of form a and sign in presence of CLEO. They may do fingerprinting then. You may be able to take the forms then, or have them mailed to you later.
For State Police: Take both copies of form a and the Livescan receipt (to the Maryland State Police Headquarters (1111 Reisterstown Rd. Pikesville, MD. 21208-3899, call 410-653-4500 for current hours). You will sign form a in presence of the LEO. The State Police will return the forms to you by mail (this may take several weeks).

3. Passport photos. Acquire two 2” X 2” passport type photos for each NFA item. Duffy’s can produce these at the store at any time for $15 for the first set, $5 each additional.

4. ATF. When you receive your forms back from the State Police, please bring them and the photos to Duffy’s for review and certified mailing. You will fill out form d. Please remember the ATF transfer fee for each item, if you haven’t pre-paid. This must be in the form of a check paid to order of BATFE.

5. Transfer. ATF will return the forms to Duffy’s by mail. Duffy’s will notify you by phone as soon as they are received. This processing could take up to a year, however there is no set amount of time.

*The Maryland State Police requires all machine guns to be State registered within 24 hours after their transfer and annually thereafter. Initial registration forms and instructions can be found at the Maryland State Police website. Do not forget to do this if it applies to your transfer.

Revised 06-14

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