Silencerco-Osprey-Glock19One of the most common questions we get from customers looking into the showcase on your left in the store is “Are silencers legal?”
Silencers and machine guns, among other items, are regulated federally under the National Firearms Act, enacted on June 26, 1934. The process of purchase is more involved than current state-level regulated firearms, and the wait for processing paperwork can run 6 to 9 months.


Duffy’s carries silencers from a number of different companies. We have done our best to select well built, reliable manufacturers who have proven themselves with customer service.
We currently carry: AAC, Degroat, Gemtech, Knights Armament, Lane Silencers, Thompson Machine, Silencerco, SWR, Yankee Hill (YHM).

SBR (Short Barreled Rifle) SBS (Short Barreled Shotgun)

Any rifle with a barrel under 16″ is regulated under the NFA.
Any shotgun with a barrel under 18″ is regulated under the NFA.
Our gunsmith can assist you with professional work to turn your firearm into an SBR or SBS, and our NFA specialist can assist you with the paperwork process.


We deal in a range of sub-machine guns and machine guns. Any machine gun registered with the ATF prior to May 19, 1986 is transferable to civilians.

AOW (Any Other Weapon)

This last category is a catch-all for guns that don’t fit into one of the other specific categories.


Because of the many variables involved in NFA transfers, the fees will be assessed per transaction.

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May I lawfully ship a firearm directly to an out-of-State licensee (FFL holder), or must I have a licensee in my State ship it to him? May the licensee return the firearm to me, even if the shipment is across State lines?

Any person may ship firearms directly to a licensee in any State, with no requirement for another licensee to ship the firearm. However, handguns are not mailable through the United States Postal Service and must be shipped via common or contract carrier.(18 U.S.C. §§ 1715). Firearms shipped to FFLs for repair or any other lawful purpose may be returned to the person from whom received without transferring the firearm through an FFL in the recipient’s State of residence. FFLs may also return a replacement firearm of the same kind and type to the person from whom received. 18 U.S.C. § 922(a)(2)(A).

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