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We are listing some basic costs for common gunsmithing services. Due to the wide variations in firearms, these prices should be a general guide, and specific pricing will be discussed with the gunsmith at the time of dropoff.

On Facebook Andy A. said:

“Great gunsmith! Quick repair and very practical… recommended highly!”

On Facebook Dwight D. said:

“You can’t find a better gunsmith. John made a 45 acp barrel for my H&R handy rifle out of a 308 barrel. No one else would even attempt it. It’s my favorite and most accurate gun I have!”

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A standard rifle barrel can be threaded for $80, if the barrel is provided by itself.
Removing a barrel from the action and reassembly would be extra.

A standard pistol barrel that allow for threading past the front of the slide would be $225.
Pistol barrels that require extensions would $80. in addition to the threading cost.

Knurled thread protectors are $25.


Single color DuraCoat on rifles starts at $250, with disassembly and reassembly included.

Single color DuraCoat on pistols start at $180 and revolvers at $260.

On Facebook Paul V. said:

“Excellent gun smith … great work on my Enfield .303 thanks”

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