There are many laws regulating the sale of firearms at both the state and national level. As many of you know, with the 2013 Firearm Safety Act there have been many changes in how and what you can buy as a Maryland resident.

Our staff will guide you through the necessary paperwork and discuss with you the process and possible problems involved in your purchase. In Maryland, there are two broad categories of firearms: Regulated and Non-Regulated.


Most shotguns and bolt action rifles are not regulated by the state of Maryland. By national law one must be at least 18 years old and pass a NICS background check, made by phone. A single form is completed and a copy of a valid Maryland issued ID card or Drivers License is kept on file.


Currently all handguns are regulated by the state. Our staff can guide you through the process of purchasing a regulated firearm when you visit the shop.
Purchasers need to meet one of a few requirements before making the purchase. If you aren’t a current or retired LEO member of the Armed Forces, you will need to get a Handgun Qualification License.


Duffy’s must be notified of all transfers before they are sent. We will send our FFL to any other FFL holder, but we must be provided with an e-mail address or fax number.
You can do that by phone 410-771-4398 or e-mail

  • Our standard transfer fee for regulated firearms is $100. Multiples papered at the same time receive a discount.
  • Our standard transfer rate for non-regulated firearms is $50 ($55 if you’re paying with credit/debit card). Multiples papered at the same time receive a discount.
  • If a firearm comes with magazines that hold more than 10 rounds, the customer has the option of 1) having the magazine blocked in a permanent fashion or 2) divesting themselves of the magazine in order to comply with state law.
  • Blocking magazines is a $10 service fee per magazine.
  • Divesting yourself of magazines we give a $10 credit per magazine (up to 3).
  • Do not have magazines shipped separately from firearms. They will not be blocked and we will not offer a credit for them. They will need to be returned to the sender and there will be a handling fee in addition to any shipping cost.
  • Due to variance in magazines, there is no guarantee how many rounds the blocked magazine will hold, except that they won’t exceed 10 rounds. Certain uncommon magazines may cost more, or may even be impossible to block, depending on certain factors.

We generally need one business day to have guns logged in and ready for paperwork. If you have a tracking number and see your package has arrived, please come in the next business day.
If you have any questions or need clarification, please send an email.


As of 2013 a Maryland Resident cannot take possession of a magazine that holds more than 10 rounds within the state of Maryland. In April of 2024, the Maryland State Police has clarified the limitations on how Manufacturer FFLs can handle “high capacity magazines”. As an FFL with a manufacturer’s license, we can modify magazines in a way that is not “readily convertible” back to capacity larger than 10 rounds.
Any magazines for firearms that arrive for inventory or transfer will need to either have a factory magazine that holds a maximum of 10 rounds, or we will have to block the magazines, or we will retain them.
Magazines will be blocked in a permanent fashion that is not “readily convertible”.
We cannot ship magazines outside of Maryland for a Maryland resident, by law.

Please note:

1. All pistols manufactured after 2002 and sold as new require an internal safety lock or built in lock. If you do not have the appropriate caliber Omega style lock, you can purchase one from us for $35.

2. Regulated firearms, special orders and transfers not delivered after purchase because of customer request or denial of background check will result in $150 cancellation fee. Non-regulated firearms in stock not delivered because of customer request or denial of background check will result in $50 cancellation fee.

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When you buy a firearm from a gun store, a NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System) check is done. Checks are usually determined within minutes of initiation, but occasionally a check might result in a delay while examiners spend more time researching the check. A proceed will probably come after a few days, but if it doesn’t, the law allows for it to be picked up after three business days. But if a customer buys a gun on a Friday, that might not be until Thursday of the following week.

What are NICS business days? A business day is any 24-hour period beginning at 12:01 a.m. the day after the check was initiated, in which state offices are open. A business day does not include Saturday, Sunday or state Holidays. The table below advises when the firearm can be transferred (since we’re closed Sundays and Mondays, we leave that off the chart):

Tuesday -> Saturday
Wednesday -> Tuesday
Thursday -> Wednesday
Friday -> Thursday
Saturday -> Thursday

If you get a delay, and we get a determination before the standard day of pickup, we’ll give you a call to come take it home!

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